Let Me Tell You A Little About Myself


My dad drove truck, mom sold Avon growing up. When I turned 18 my dad had a heart attack and was unable work for the rest of his life. Instead of college I had to go work at a warehouse (Twin bro got a job picking up garbage).

Lost the house, I had to live with grandma, rest of family in small apartment. Fast forward to today and I own rentals, laundromats and a trailer park, I continue to invest, buy property and upload videos about how I did it and how you can too!



I Like Helping Everyone... 

I’ve helped hundreds of ordinary people acquire highly profitable businesses with no money or low money down, regardless of their credit. Now, I am offering the same to you. I’m giving you every tool I've used to grow from $0 to $10M in under a decade. Let me get you on the path to finding your ultimate joy!

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