How Much Can You Make A Year Owning A Laundromat?

laundromats Nov 30, 2022

If you need a low-maintenance yet high-profit business, then laundromats are for you. Since the services of laundromats are always in demand, you will be making a  stable income year-round. In this brief, we will be breaking down how much you can make from a laundromat and how you can improve your profits.

How Much Can A Laundromat Make In A Year?

You can expect a small laundromat to make at least $15,000 to $50,000 a year. However, a medium to a large laundromat with premium facilities can make as much as $300,000 in a year. The high profit is what makes owning a laundromat so rewarding.



What Factors Determine The Profits Of A Laundromat?

The profits of a laundromat are determined by several factors. These factors are:

Location and Traffic

If your laundromat is located in a highly populated area, then it will get more customers. More customers mean more profits. This is why we advise you to do extensive research when choosing the location for your laundromat before making a purchase. You can look at population demographics to determine whether the location you are choosing for your laundromat will attract enough customers to make a good profit.


Competition is another important factor that impacts your laundromat’s profits. Too much competition in one area means you will be making less profit. You can counter this by providing better services and improving customer experience. If possible, you should start your laundromat in an area with less competition. 

Supplies Costs

Supply and utility costs heavily affect how much profit you can make. Although you cannot control the utility prices, you can still try to bring down the cost of supplies. Try opting for cheaper suppliers or products while also maintaining high quality. Remember, sacrificing quality for lower costs could also lead to losing customers to the competition, so a good balance should be struck. 



How Can You Improve The Profits Of Your Laundromat?

Here are some ways for you to improve the profits of your laundromat:

Market Your Business

Marketing is an absolute must for promoting business growth. By running marketing campaigns, you can attract a lot more customers. A super easy way to bring more attention to your business is by advertising about it on social media and targeting your area. This helps spread awareness about your business. 

Creating a website, putting your laundromat on google maps, or running ads in a local newspaper are other easy ways to market your business. Even putting up a sign outside of your laundromat can bring in tons of customers.

Provided Premium Services

You can also add premium services to your laundromat to improve profits. You can offer dry cleaning and garment repair services to your customers. This can help bring in more profits.

Build a Comfortable Environment

People would rather go to a laundromat that is farther away but has more facilities than to one that is closer but lacks a comfortable environment. You can create a comfortable environment in your laundromat by setting up a comfy sitting area, installing vending machines, or even having a small cafe in the building. This will bring in profit and help retain customers.

Final Thoughts

A laundromat can be highly profitable if you run it correctly. Remember, the focus should always be on improving customer experience as happier customers bring in more business. If your laundromat is in a good location and you are providing great service, customers will flock to your business.


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