The ULTIMATE Business Guidance Course For Maximum Success!

  • 76+ Comprehensive Videos Through 10 Detailed Modules
  • Intuitive Step-by-Step Instructions to go from $0 to Thousands
  • Guided Strategies For Proven Success to Support Your Dream

Learn How to Approach, Manage, and Capitalize ANY Business for Maximum Potential and Sustainability!


I’m going to teach you how to acquire cash flowing businesses for FREE or very little cash out of pocket. I’ve used these strategies to acquire multiple CASH FLOW POSITIVE local businesses! The principals I've practiced and knowledge I've gained over the years have completely changed my life ... and now it’s going to change yours.

You're going to learn about business formation, basic accounting principles, business credit and how to optimize, systemize and scale. We cover a lot of ground in this course because whether you’re buying rentals, flipping houses, running a car wash, laundromat or vending - the business principles remain the same.

Comprehensive Course Layout

Your Step-By-Step Module Structure to Set You Up for Cashflow Success!

Module 1:

Legal Formation & Fundamentals

This module discusses legal business structures, bylaws, stock pools & cap table management, EIN, DUNS number, bank accounts, employee documents, and compliance.

Module 2:

Business Takeover Method

In this module, we discuss creative low/no cost business acquisition strategies by finding businesses worth buying, communication, negotiation, master lease agreements, financing, closing, and more.

Module 3:

Research & Due Diligence

In this module, I'll discuss the importance of knowing your market, unit economics, KPI's and how to value business deals.

Module 4:

Maximizing Your ROI

Here, I discuss studying your data to determine your customer needs, how to improving the curb appeal, changing your price strategy, the value of loss leaders, expense reduction.

Module 5:

Bookkeeping: Streamline & Simplify Your Accounting

In this module, I discuss setting your general ledger, your chart of accounts, recording financial transactions, balancing books, financial reports, scheduling, and outsourcing.

Module 6:

Working With Partners & JV's

Here, I'll discuss the benefits & risks of partnering up, types of joint ventures, assessing your readiness, choosing the right partner(s), what to discuss up front, JV agreements, and business first!

Module 7:

Business Funding Options

In this module, I'll discuss where and how to get the capital you need from friends & family, grant programs, tax credits, business & personal loans, crowdfunding, and investors.

Module 8:

Business Credit Hacks

Here, I'll discuss everything you need to know about credit, including understanding paydex & intelliscore, establishing solid business credit, and how personal credit matters too.

Module 9:

Systemizing & Scaling

I'll discuss how to map out your recurring taxes, setting up an optimal directory structure, documentation, delegating, continued improvement, must have software, hiring, and facilitating growth.

Module 10:

Marketing That Works

Here, I'll discuss optimizing your local listings, social media presence, brand advocating, paid ads to boost rankings, sponsors, mailing & SMS list, and guerrilla marketing tactics.


Additional Program Offerings

Want to further your program knowledge even more? See my additional programs below that are designed compliment all programs and set you up for the ULTIMATE passive income success!

Investment-Joy-Email-Banner-9The Premier Program To Accelerate Your Business

  • MLO’s (Master Leases With Options): How I’ve Bought 10+ Homes For $250 Each
  • Research & Due Diligence: Simple Estate Math, How To Value A Deal
  • Working With Contractors / Rehabbers: Meth Heads Vs. GOOD Contractors
  • When To Flip and When to Rent: The Economics Of Flipping vs. Renting
  • Flipping Fundamentals: Valuating Flips & Working With Partners
  • Rental Management: How To Manage Your Own Rentals From A to Z
  • Short Term Rentals: Everything You Need To Know About AirBnB’s
  • Wholesaling: Positioning Between Property Owners & Buyers
  • Maximizing Your Growth Potential: Things You Can Do To Accelerate Your Growth
  • All My Forms, Contracts & Spreadsheets: The Exact Forms I Use On Every Deal

Investment-Joy-Email-Banner-10The Premier Program To Accelerate Your Car Wash Business

  • Finding A Great Car Wash: Learn How To Find A Profitable Car Wash Location
  • Getting The Funds To Buy Your Car Wash: Planning & Knowing Your Costs Are Essential
  • Equipment & Supply Options: What To Buy & Where To Buy It
  • 2-3x Your Car Wash Revenue: Small Things You Can Do To Increase Your Revenue!
  • Preventative Maintenance: Maintaining your Car Wash ON Auto-Pilot
  • Effortless & Turnkey Management: Get Everything In Place To Automate & Scale
  • Car Wash Marketing: How To Increase Your Exposure Locally

Investment-Joy-Email-Banner-8The Premier Program To Accelerate Your Laundromat Business

  • How To Find The Best Laundromats To Acquire
  • How To Approach The Current Landlords
  • How To Negotiate Favorable Terms Where Everyone Wins
  • Where To Buy Machines
  • Adding Automated Car Wash Bays
  • How To Properly Service & Maintain the Business
  • Common Pitfalls: What to Look Out For
  • A Real-Life ROI Example

Investment-Joy-Email-Banner-6 The Premier Program To Accelerate Your Vending Business

  • Business Formation & Planning: How To Set Your Business Up Properly From Day One

  • Finding Highly Profitable Locations: The Steps To Take To Find Amazing Locations

  • Buying Vending Machines On A Budget: What To Buy & Where To Buy It

  • The Snacks To Keep In-Stock: Know Which Snacks & Beverages Make The Most $How To Handle The Fulfillment And Keeping Your Machines Stocked

  • Preventative Maintenance: Maintaining Your Vending Machines

  • Effortless & Turnkey Management: Get Everything In Place To Automate & Scale


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