The Direct Path to Quarters and Cash Flying Everywhere!

A Crazy Business, But Collects BIG Money! Simply Put, I Love Car Washes and I'm Dead Set On Adding More!


If you could start a business that made you an extra $500 a day would you do it? What about a business that made over a THOUSAND? Better yet, what if I told you it only required 2-3 hours of work to maintain?

You'd tell me that it's too good to be true ... well ... that's half true. There are businesses out there that make great amounts of money with minimal time investments, but there's a catch - They aren't easy to start. Simply put, people invest 2,000+ hours in a college education to learn how to start or take over a successful business.

In my course I'll show you my approach to do it with as little money as possible, and get the most profit.

Comprehensive Course Layout

Your Step-By-Step Module Structure to Set You Up For Cashflow Success!


Module 1:

Why I like Car Washes

In this module, I will discuss the hands-off business that revolves around people's love of cars, the fact that there are many distressed carwash owners, and they're ripe for the picking, how the 80s-90s saw a huge over-build of carwashes, and how these are now in disrepair and ripe for the picking.

Module 2:

Finding The Best Opportunities: How to Locate Car Washes to Purchase

Here, I will discuss what matters most, details of traffic count, population density, wealth & rural lifestyle(s), and finally things to look for.

Module 3:

How To Buy: Options for Purchasing Your First Car Wash

This strategic module discusses the  commercial/ SBA approaches, conventional banking (with seller carries), grant programs for women & minorities, working with partners, investors, and seller direct - no banks - no credit.

Module 4:

Typical P&L: Knowing What to Expect with Expenses & Revenue

In this module, I will discuss how buyers are liars & sellers are storytellers, how to cut the BS & value a carwash, how to minimize expenses (overhead) to increase profitability, and expected/ typical operating expenses.

Module 5:

Preventative Maintenance & Service: How to Upkeep Your Property

Here, I'll discuss PM schedules, developing a maintenance team, and what & when to delegate.

Module 6:

Adding Automated Car Wash Bays

This important module will discuss the options & costs for automated car was bays, and your expected revenues.

Module 7:

Maximizing ROI: How I Doubled Money In 3 Months

In this module, I will discuss curb appeal, rebranding, coin & cash machines, accepting credit cards, and selling subscriptions.

Module 8:

Bookkeeping: Streamline & Simplify Your Accounting

This module discusses excel/ GBO / how to not get the IRS on your case, the best practices to NOT cheat on your taxes, and the benefits of expenses and depreciation.

Module 9:

Your 2nd Car Wash: Leveraging #1 to Buy #2

Here, I will discuss how to• Growing yourself to be a CARWASH EMPIRE!


Additional Course Offerings

Want to further your course knowledge even more? See the additional courses below that are designed to set you up for passive cashflow success!



  • Principals Of Business: Bottom Line and KPIs
  • Due Diligence: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance
  • Maximizing ROI: Simple Hacks To 3X Your Revenue By Leveraging Social Media and Discounts
  • Bookkeeping: Streamlining Your Account Through Reconciliation, AR & AP, QBO, and IRS Compliance
  • Working With Partners & JV's and Establishing Roles and Responsibilities, Compensation & Dividends
  • Traditional Business Funding Options through SBA Programs, Grants, BLOCs, and Leveraging 401k
  • Business Credit Hacks: Leveraging Credit by Understanding Business Tradeline Tiers and Sources
  • Systemizing & Scaling to Build Your EMPIRE Through a Streamlined Process
  • How To Think About Hiring and The Process On When And Where To Find Good Workers to Buy Back Your Time



  • MLO’s (Master Leases With Options): How I’ve Bought 10+ Homes For $250 Each
  • Research & Due Diligence: Simple Estate Math, How To Value A Deal
  • Working With Contractors / Rehabbers
    Meth Heads Vs. GOOD Contractors
  • When To Flip and When to Rent: The Economics Of Flipping vs. Renting
  • Flipping Fundamentals: Valuating Flips & Working With Partners
  • Rental Management: How To Manage Your Own Rentals From A to Z
  • Short Term Rentals: Everything You Need To Know About AirBnB’s
  • Wholesaling: Positioning Between Property Owners & Buyers
  • Maximizing Your Growth Potential: Things You Can Do To Accelerate Your Growth
  • All My Forms, Contracts & Spreadsheets: The Exact Forms I Use On Every Deal



  • Business Formation & Planning: How To Set Your Business Up Properly From Day One
  • Finding Highly Profitable Locations: The Steps To Take To Find Amazing Locations
  • Buying Vending Machines On A Budget: What To Buy & Where To Buy It
  • The Snacks To Keep In-Stock: Know Which Snacks & Beverages Make The Most $How To Handle The Fulfillment And Keeping Your Machines Stocked
  • Preventative Maintenance: Maintaining Your Vending Machines
  • Effortless & Turnkey Management: Get Everything In Place To Automate & Scale



  • How To Find The Best Laundromats To Purchase
  • How To Approach The Current Owners
  • How To Negotiate Favorable Terms Where Everyone Wins
  • Where To Buy Machines
  • Adding Automated Car Wash Bays
  • How To Properly Service & Maintain the Business
  • Common Pitfalls: What to Look Out For
  • A Real-Life ROI Example

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