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  • 215+ Detailed and Comprehensive Tutorials

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  • A LIFETIME of Structured and Strategic Entrepreneurial Growth

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Learn How to Approach, Manage, and Capitalize ANY Business for Maximum Potential and Sustainability


I’m going to teach you how to acquire cash flowing businesses for FREE or very little cash out of pocket. I’ve used these strategies to acquire multiple CASH FLOW POSITIVE local businesses!


The principals I've practiced and knowledge I've gained over the years have completely changed my life ... and now it’s going to change yours.

Here's How We Bundle Our Programs

Entry Package


  • 30+ Comprehensive Videos Through 8 Detailed Modules

  • Intuitive Step-by-Step Instructions to Go From $0 to THOUSANDS a Month

  • Downloadable Step-by-Step Money Management & Legal Templates To Get Started

  • Guided Strategies For Proven Success to Support Your Vending Empire Dream


Ultimate Package



 The ULTIMATE Business Growth Coaching
  •  215+ Comprehensive Videos Through 50+ Detailed Modules 
  • 5 Program Offerings Combined For The Ultimate Investment Guidance & Mentorship

  • Vending, Laundromat, Car Wash, Real Estate, and Business Joy Programs

  • Insiders Joy Exclusive Accountability & Mentorship Community

  • Personalized 30 Minute One on One Call With Brandon

  • The ULTIMATE Program Bundle For Unlimited Business Success

  • LIFETIME of Structured Entrepreneurial Growth




  • Full Ultimate Joy Package (Complete Access)
  • 24 UNRESTRICTED Personalized 1:1 Mentorship Calls with Brandon
  • Personalized Accountability Spreadsheets EVERY MONTH
  • IN-PERSON Full Day Investment Training Meeting with Brandon

What Are The Cashflow Programs? 

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Comprehensive Courses and 1 On 1 Coaching On The Go


You're going to learn about business formation, basic accounting principles, business credit and how to optimize, systemize and scale. We cover a lot of ground in this course because whether you’re buying rentals, flipping houses, running a car wash, laundromat or vending - the business principles remain the same.


All of this, from the ease of your laptop or phone through straightforward, strategic lessons.

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