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I've heard it many times, and my Instagram DM's keep piling, one after one, telling me how successful they have been once they took the program courses and simply took the next steps.

"Brandon... We would have never had the knowledge or confidence to find and negotiate deals like this. We would have never had any idea it'd be possible to acquire a business without having money or taking loans. There's so much opportunity, it's everywhere we look! Your coaching and support through this whole process is the only reason we've been able to make this happen. My wife and I are so grateful the support you've given us. LIFE IS GOOD! Thank you for everything you've done to help us along the way."

"I really appreciate everything you do. You keep it real. You've shown me how to find good opportunities, how to negotiate the deals, what questions to ask, what to look for, what to avoid. You've helped me in so many ways I never would have expected. I'm now the proud owner of a 2100 sq ft laundromat and quite a few vending machines. I would still been working 3rd shift at my dead end job if it wasn't for taking the leap of faith and committing to this. You've completely changed my life."

"I have nothing but great things to say about Brandon. My main goal of working with him was to get his guidance on a car wash I was looking to buy. I didn't buy that car wash, but I ended up finding an even better deal and Brandon helped me through the whole process. Now I'm learning creative ways to acquire real estate and businesses I never even know about. This stuff is GOLD. The best part is he doesn't just tell me what to do, he really makes sure I understand how to do it right."


"I've been following Brandon on YouTube for a couple years now. Actually bought a couple vending machines about a year ago and they've just sat in my garage, never got them placed. Brandon taught me how to find really good locations without paying a commission, I now work for myself full time! Watching a video and learning how to do something is fine, but actually having someone to push me to keep taking the next step and never stop growing, that's the biggest benefit I'm getting from this program."

"I've taken many courses, but this is more like a mentorship program than a course, which is just awesome. Brandon has been working with me 1 on 1. I never feel stupid asking him for help. He always says there's no such thing as a stupid question. He told me that he wouldn't be where he's at today if he didn't have mentors. Well, I can confidently say that I wouldn't be where I'm at today if it wasn't for his mentorship. He's brilliant. Just a wealth of knowledge, so genuine and kind and always there to help when I need him. Brandon is THE MAN!"

"I more than 20x'd my investment in Brandon's program in the first 3 months! I did exactly what Brandon told me to do, I made a list of every potential opportunity in my area. I reached out to everyone. I was persistent. I asked the right questions. And I lucked into the deal of a lifetime. Brandon taught me what to do, how to do it, and has been there to support me at every step of the way. This stuff really isn't rocket science but it does take a bit of work. But it's worth it. My ultimate goal is to get to $50k/month. I'm well on my way!"



"THANK YOU!! Negotiated to take over that car wash we talked about on the coaching call and we CLOSED. Currently we are making about $2400 and next month once the rehab is done we are projected to make over $3300!!!"

"Whoooo! $9328 net profit this past month from the laundromat man. I don’t care what anyone else says these businesses have change my and my families lives forever. What do you think is a nice benchmark to hit before trying to secure a second one? Much love again!"

"Hey Brandon! Just wanted to say I went through the whole business and carwash course and WOW the level of detail is incredible. The fact all the videos are up to date AND you create new course content every week in my mind is invaluable. Thank you for all the effort you have put into this =) "

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