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From Having Been Evicted & Poor, To An Over $10M Net Worth EMPIRE!


I'm Brandon. You probably know me from Investment Joy on social media.

I’ve helped hundreds of ordinary people acquire HIGHLY profitable businesses with no money or low money down, regardless of their credit. Now, I am offering the same to YOU.

My dad drove truck, mom sold Avon growing up. When I turned 18 my dad had a heart attack and was unable work for the rest of his life. Instead of college I had to go work at a warehouse (Twin bro got a job picking up garbage). Lost the house, I had to live with grandma, rest of family in small apartment. Fast forward to today and I own rentals, laundromats and a trailer park, I continue to invest, buy property and upload videos about how I did it and how you can too!

I’m giving you EVERY TOOL I’VE USED to grow from $0 to $10M in under a decade. Let me get you on the path to finding your ULTIMATE JOY! It isn't easy but I BELIEVE that with enough effort, ANYONE can do it!

What Do I Get With The Ultimate Joy Program?


The ULTIMATE JOY program bundle includes over a HUNDRED video modules on starting or buying a business in vending, car washes, laundromats, how to renting / flipping homes with real estate, and overall BUSINESS knowledge that I WISH I knew when I got started! Included in this package is ONE FREE YEAR of Insiders Joy Community with WEEKLY advisement / Q&A calls with ME to help guide you through the process!

5 Master JOY Programs

Our programs cover everything needed to start or scale your business journey from laundromats, vending machines, car washes, real estate, and business (what some people are calling the 7hr M.B.A)!


VIP access to our advisory team, WEEKLY Virtual Advisory calls & around the clock priority support via Email & Private Group. This access is the KEY for full Investment Support through your journey!

A LIFETIME of Knowledge

The programs you'll be involved in are going to provide a wealth of knowledge throughout all business ventures for a lifetime to come. Coupled with INSIDERS Joy, you'll be set for cashflow success for life!


Beyond Grateful Growth 

Brandon has generated over 4.5 MILLION followers on social media through spreading his love and joy of investing to YOU! Now THAT'S a lot of dedicated fans!

Entry Level Program Offerings

Here are my entry level programs that get you setup in the most popular 'side-hustle' opportunities. I'll breakdown everything from A to Z on how to make YOUR next venture SUCCEED!



  • Finding A Great Car Wash: Learn How To Find A Profitable Car Wash Location
  • Getting The Funds To Buy Your Car Wash: Planning & Knowing Your Costs Are Essential
  • Equipment & Supply Options: What To Buy & Where To Buy It
  • 2-3x Your Car Wash Revenue: Small Things You Can Do To Increase Your Revenue!
  • Preventative Maintenance: Maintaining your Car Wash ON Auto-Pilot
  • Effortless & Turnkey Management: Get Everything In Place To Automate & Scale
  • Car Wash Marketing: How To Increase Your Exposure Locally



  • Business Formation & Planning: How To Set Your Business Up Properly From Day One

  • Finding Highly Profitable Locations: The Steps To Take To Find Amazing Locations

  • Buying Vending Machines On A Budget: What To Buy & Where To Buy It

  • The Snacks To Keep In-Stock: Know Which Snacks & Beverages Make The Most $How To Handle The Fulfillment And Keeping Your Machines Stocked

  • Preventative Maintenance: Maintaining Your Vending Machines

  • Effortless & Turnkey Management: Get Everything In Place To Automate & Scale




  • How To Find The Best Laundromats To Acquire

  • How To Approach The Current Landlords

  • How To Negotiate Favorable Terms Where Everyone Wins

  • Where To Buy Machines

  • Adding Automated Car Wash Bays

  • How To Properly Service & Maintain the Business

  • Common Pitfalls: What to Look Out For

  • A Real-Life ROI Example


The Key To Accountability


  • VIP Access To Our Advisory Team

  • WEEKLY Virtual Guidance Calls

  • Around The Clock Priority Support via Email & Private Group

Unlock The EXCLUSIVE Mastermind Community Helping You Find Your SUCCESS In Real Estate And Business!


Ask How You Can Be Enrolled TODAY!



Advanced Level Program Offerings

Want to further your program knowledge even more? See my advanced programs below that are designed compliment the entry level programs and set you up for the ULTIMATE passive income success!



  • Legal Formation & Fundamentals: How To Protect Your Assets & Minimize Tax Liability

  • Business Takeover Method: Creative Low/No Cost Business Acquisition Strategies

  • Research & Due Diligence: Know Your Market, Unit Economics & KPI’s

  • Maximizing Your ROI: Simple Growth Hacks To 3x Your Revenue

  • Bookkeeping: Streamline & Simplify Your Accounting
  • Working With Partners & JV's: How To Navigate And Manage Partnerships

  • Business Funding Options: Where & How To Get The Capital You Need

  • Business Credit Hacks: Leveraging Credit by Understanding Business Tradeline Tiers and Sources

  • Systemizing & Scaling: The Steps You Need to Build Your EMPIRE Through a Streamlined Process

  •  Marketing That Works: Cost-Effective Customer Acquisition Strategies




  • MLO’s (Master Leases With Options): How I’ve Bought 10+ Homes For $250 Each

  • Research & Due Diligence: Simple Estate Math, How To Value A Deal

  • Working With Contractors / Rehabbers: Meth Heads Vs. GOOD Contractors

  • When To Flip and When to Rent: The Economics Of Flipping vs. Renting

  • Flipping Fundamentals: Valuating Flips & Working With Partners

  • Rental Management: How To Manage Your Own Rentals From A to Z

  • Short Term Rentals: Everything You Need To Know About AirBnB’s

  • Wholesaling: Positioning Between Property Owners & Buyers

  • Maximizing Your Growth Potential: Things You Can Do To Accelerate Your Growth

  • All My Forms, Contracts & Spreadsheets: The Exact Forms I Use On Every Deal


Carving YOUR Path To Success & Generational Wealth

The proof is in the pudding ... and my experience has proven cashflow growth month after month!

130+ Rentals

Currently in my Property Portfolio

$50k / Month

Generated from Current Rental Properties

$25k / Month

Generated from Current Car Wash Properties

15+ Years

Of Business Investment Experience

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