Become a Deal Scout

We want to buy businesses and we've found that the best opportunities come through direct introductions. That's why we're passionate about partnering with people like you. Every business will eventually sell and if you're in the right position to refer that deal to us, we'll both benefit.
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Join our Deal Scout Program

You know business owners who want to sell. We want to buy those businesses. Now we're excited to partner with you to make those deals happen. Immediately after joining the deal scout program, you will receive these benefits to help you find great deals.

Deal Scout Mini-Course

We've developed a course to get you started. This will walk you through the kinds of deals we're looking for and explain the entire process. By the end, you'll be confident and ready to refer the right opportunities.


Our deal scouts will be invited to regular events both virtually and in person. These will be focused on helping you find the right companies for us to buy.

Direct support

Our team is here to support you. Once you're accepted into the program, one of our team members will be available to strategize, review deals, and help you work through the referral process.


Once we close on your first deal, we've got a huge compensation package for you. This includes cash (a check), all of our educational resources, and a trip to meet Brandon and the team to game plan your next deal.

Get Paid

Our Invested Capital

We'll Send you a Check for

$0-1 Million


$1-3 Million


$3-6 Million


$6-10 Million


$10 Million+



You will receive access to all of our courses, training material, group coaching, and other educational resources. As a bonus, you'll receive a direct invitation to all of our future events.

Direct Access

After closing, we're going to fly you out to meet Brandon & the team. We'll have a few awesome meals, show you around the business, and spend an afternoon strategizing about future deals.

Become a Deal Scout

Now that you know the program basics, the next step is to apply. We'll review your application and if you're approved, we'll set you up for an onboarding call with one of our team members.